Absolute guide on academic writing and its types

Writing is a skill, and no rocket science is involved in learning this skill. We take writing for granted by putting fingers on the keyboard while using social media. If you consider various platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. a reliable source of assisting you in becoming a top-notch academic writer, you're mistaken. Academic writing is entirely different from our daily practice of informal pieces. Are you looking for a professional paper writing service? If so than send request at 5staressays.

Students at the initial stage of writing should know that academic writing has become a mandatory element in a degree program. It has a great unique importance in educational institutes for both teachers and students.

Mostly, students at the initial stage of their academic career consider composing lengthy essays a daunting affair. Compiling detailed essays becomes challenging as well as a tedious task for students who not only lack writing skills but also the interest.

Demands of academic writing

Academic writing, also known as essay writing, is an essential factor in completing a degree. It is a formal piece of paper. It is also known as story-telling. However, it is way more than merely narrating an event or a situation in the form of a story. It encourages students to present complex ideas and thoughts formally. Looking for a professional essay writer, who can fulfill all your written essay requirements? At 5staressays, we have a team of professional writers.

It has several types to cover various aspects related to human nature and events that occurred in life. Students must have a basic know-how about all essay types.

  1. Narrative essays
  2. Descriptive essays
  3. Argumentative essays
  4. Expository essays

Let's throw light on all the aforementioned essay types one by one.

Narrative essays

Almost everyone enjoys himself while telling or listening to stories. The narrative essay covers this aspect of all students. This specific genre of essay writing demands a scribbler to narrate a story about their particular life event or situation based on truth.

For instance, you can write about a situation in which you stuck badly. You need to involve all the five senses to draw a vivid picture of the whole scene. Moreover, it demands an essay writer to present all the characters involved in the situation that are meaningful.

Sensationalizing the climax is a compulsory part of a narrative essay. Mostly, the conclusion in these essays consists of a solid message that must be adaptable for the readers.

Descriptive essays

It is closely linked with a narrative essay. It is not wrong to say that it is a cousin of a narrative essay. However, students must adhere to instructions required to create a handy descriptive essay. Compiling this essay type is always a challenging task for students. That's why students often ask others to write my essay for me to avoid risking their grades in writing a descriptive essay.

Involving sensory details, plotting a scene, and drawing a moving picture in the reader's mind to take a reader into another world is the utmost duty of a scribbler. It takes blood, sweat, and tears of inexperienced writers to do so.

You can write a descriptive essay about a place, thing, or person.

Argumentative essays

Convincing others according to your viewpoint related to a particular statement, is a tough job. In this essay, a scribbler has to raise a compelling argument to support its opinion that may be in favor of or against the assigned topic. Students have to present only one side of the picture in the text.

Expository essays

As its name implies, this essay encourages students to expose various subjects. There is no space for emotions and feelings of an essay writer in this essay. Furthermore, it is essential to break down a component or a subject into several parts in chronological or reverse chronological order. If you’re willing to pay for essay than send query to our professional writers.

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